VIHARI & ASHWIN HEROICS Save the Match | Redmi 9 Power presents 'Thunder Down Under' | 3rd Test

11 जानेवारी, 2021
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What a Test Match this has been! After losing the early wicket of Rahane, Pant looked in no mood to defend and smashed the ball all over the park. Then with both Pujara and Pant getting dismissed in quick succession, it was Hanuma Vihari and Ashwin who saved the day by batting out the entire evening session. How did India manage to pull off this draw? Find out on today's episode of 'Redmi 9 Power' presents Thunder Down Under.

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  • This guys Akash Chopra test catch I still remember it was exceptional catch by him but unfortunately it was a no ball from the baller

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  • If Rishabh Pant had played till end then we can even win the test. #sad for Pant for getting out at 97. But Vihari and Ashwin also played very well to secure this test

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