Top 30 Unknown Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Features!

11 सप्टेंबर, 2020
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Here it is! The Top 30 Unknown Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Features. Some of these are even legitimately hidden features! Many of these features also work with Samsung's Note 20, S20 Ultra, Note 10 and even some older Samsung Galaxy Note devices as well so test these features out on your smartphone!

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00:00 Intro
00:18 Who Likes Timecodes?
00:28 Faster App Pairs
01:33 Hidden Popup Trick
03:06 Moar Windows!
03:23 Dump That Stack!
03:33 Always Open Apps (App Locker)
04:49 Easiest Wifi Sharing Ever (iPhone Included)
05:53 Universal QR Code Feature
06:14 Secret Shutter…
06:45 Burst Photos are a drag… literally
06:56 Record Video at 50x Zoom! (hidden feature)
08:42 Small Hand Shortcut
09:54 The Double Tap Trick
10:07 iPhone Mode
10:52 The Google Swipe
11:00 Internet Secrets: Fast Tab Switching
11:13 Internet Secrets: Reordering Tabs
11:26 Internet Secrets: Tab Locker
11:40 The Terrible Artist Feature
12:41 Dragon Time!
14:02 Real-Time Video Doodles
16:06 Double Tap to start a new note
16:24 Bonus: Never lose your S Pen again!
16:45 Easier Screenshot Sharing
17:32 Multi-Window Drag and Drop
18:05 Select ANY Text
18:34 PDFs on Steroids
20:43 How to make the write on calendar feature useful
21:08 Sports fan? You'll love this…
21:59 Link to Windows… Turned up to 11.
22:56 Bluetooth Buddies
25:20 Handwritten Shortcuts
26:59 Don't like Bixby? Remove it.
27:51 Proof that Bixby is Awesome!
30:50 The Best Application Ever
31:36 Super Customizable Lock Screen (Good Lock)
31:57 Extreme Quick Panel Customization (Good Lock)
32:07 Cooler Task Changer (Good Lock)
32:33 More Clockfaces (Good Lock)
32:38 Multi Window on Steroids! (Good Lock)
33:10 How to Watch Netflix in Multiwindow
33:57 Multi Window Screen Zoom (Good Lock)
34:33 Quick Pop-up View (Good Lock)
35:22 Persistent Pop-up View (Good Lock)
35:40 Change Split Screen Bar Color (Good Lock)
35:58 Add Custom Navigation Bar Shortcuts (Good Lock)
36:24 Home Screen Customization on Steroids (Good Lock)
36:37 Extreme Notification Customizer (Good Lock)
36:58 S Pen Customizer App (Good Lock)
37:44 Make your own live wallpaper (Good Lock)
38:01 Theme Park Easy Theme Builder (Good Lock)
38:20 Phantom Finder (Good Lock)
38:34 One Handed Mode on Steroids (Good Lock)
38:52 Extra Edge Lighting Options (Good Lock)
38:55 Prevent Accidental Touches (Good Lock)
39:03 Individual App Volume Adjustment (Good Lock)
39:17 Play sound from multiple apps at the same time (Good Lock)
39:45 The Note 20 Doubles as an Xbox... no, seriously.
40:45 Schedule Text Messages
41:12 Message Reminders
41:35 Customizable Lock Screen Widgets
42:08 The TV Remote Trick
43:34 Better Night Mode Photos
44:02 Beat the MRworlds Algorithm!
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    • This shows how complete Samsung is and Apple has a lot of catching up to do on phones..!!

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  • Hopefully you can help me. All the bluetooth widgets available that I've found do not work with the 20 Ultra. Is there some way to shortcut an on off toggle without having to drag down the screen?

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  • awesome vid! I've watched a lot of others on hidden features yet most of this was still new to me. 2 issues I'm having tho...I don't have an option for adding Subscription Events in my samsung calendar menu and I also don't get any kind of pop-up in the Note app when I hover my pen over the text e.g. to open the calculator for a handwritten math expression. Oh I'm also limited to a single app to Keep Open. I did just upgrade to Android 11 so maybe that's causing some of this?

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  • Well Ho Ho Ho Samsung. I got a Note 20 Ultra for Xmas. That's $1400 phone. I purchased this from Best Buy and got a few cases to try out. THE VERY FIRST TIME I put phone in the case, the little bit of stress that the phone underwent cracked the front class from center right to center bottom! The phone works fine, you can't really see the crack unless you hold the phone at a certain angle but you can feel it. It's a 1400 dollar phone and you can't put a case on it? God forbid it should every be dropped. Called Samsung customer support and of course they couldn't care less. "so sorry but we don't cover physical damage". Well, I came back to Samsung after 4 years with an LG that cost about half of what this phone costs. My LG never had a single issue, I came back to Samsung specifically for the "pen". This is obviously a quality control issue. There are hundreds of thousands of these out there and I've not read any other complaints about this issue. Yes people have broken screens but they dropped the phone or ran over it with a semi-tractor trailer. I simply put a case on my phone in front of a room full of people who all witnessed the incident. I'll be writing Samsung about this and I'll be posting this comment in EVERY SINGLE YOU TUBE reviewers video. This is completely unwarranted baloney that should NEVER be able to go unaddressed. This is an abusive mistreatment of a customer on the part of a company that is simply unwilling to acknowledge that it might actually have screwed up. BUYER BEWARE: If you're thinking of buying a NOTE 20 ULTRA don't even think about putting a standard case on it.

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