The LADAKH Tent | World’s 1st Solar Heated Military Tent | Made in India | Sonam Wangchuk

20 फेबृवारी, 2021
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for #indianarmy at #galwanvalley
+15 C at 10pm. Minimum outside last night was -14 C,
Uses only sunlight, water and insulated layers to maintain temperature.
Replaces tons of kerosene fuel, pollution, emission and #climatechange.
Designed for 8 to 10 soldiers, it is fully portable for difficult terrains. Each part weighs less than 30 Kgs.
#MadeInIndia #MadeInLadakh #CarbonNeutral
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  • Thank you all for the immense interest n great response... I'll answer some of your frequently asked questions... Q. Is the tent like a vegetable green house? A. No, vegetable green houses generally go to +40 C in the day and minus 7 C at night, if you don't use artificial heating. This tent would stay between + 12 to + 25 C. But yes, if they wish, the soldiers CAN grow fresh greens for themselves in the solar lounge. Q. Is there enough oxygen in the tent for 10? A. We're testing...! if artifial ventilation is needed, we'll install a heat recovery ventilation system. Q. B what about backup heat in case of no sun and what about snow load...? A. It doesn't snow much in Ladakh n generally its v sunny. In case of long cloudy weather there'll be a standby kerosene boiler that will heat the water in the heat bank wall. So no risk of fire inside. Q. Is the whole tent less than 30 Kgs? A. No, Each part weighs less than 30 kgs for portability.

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    • @Swfdd Sxdx bhai aapne sir ki baat ko galat mat lo kyunki sir sirf global warming se environment ko honewale nuksaan ko rokna chahte hai..

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    • Sir i have read about u in wikipedia, books, watched movie based on u -3 idiots 10-15 times i am the biggest fan of u

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    • Sir iam your very very big fan

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    • Made in China plastic sheets fudu

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    • Namaskar sir

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  • Sonam ji.. Apko army ke liye special duty uniform bi banao..

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  • SirJi Fan ho gaye aapke aaj

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  • Please make something to dip frost the food fast for army's people thanks for helping army's god bless you

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  • Great Video, You kept it so simple... LOVE to the people of Ladakh...

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  • Sir salute you.. can be a provision for an entrance air lock. That can save heat. While frequently used of main door

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  • Nice gesture for our forces🙏🏻

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  • kiya g**nd mara hai china ne india ki

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  • Great thoughts............Chinese soldiers ka bhi khyal.....humanity at its peak sirrr.....❤👌

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  • This happens when u study for knowledge.... U r Serving both the motherland as well as mother Earth.... and are an inspiration for innumerable people all around the world

  • At this time this is a boon to earth and its people. Sir please keep creating, we are always looking up to you... The most heartfelt thanks to you, and the team.. Gold bless you 🎉🎊🎉🎊

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  • Jai Hind Sir Thank you Sir We have no words for your contributions towards our nation

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  • आप सच्चे देश भक्त और संत ज्ञानेश्वर जैसे है | संत ज्ञानेश्वर ने कहा है पुरा विश्व एक घर जसा बन जाय । आप अपना पराया कोई भेद नही करते . - चौधरी सर पुणे

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  • बहुत अच्छा प्रयोग है सर । प्रधान मंत्री ' रक्षा मंत्री ने इसकी दखल लेनी चाहिए । मुझे पता चला की आपको मराठी भी आती है। आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद सोनम सर

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  • Great work.. Clothes m bhi country ko aise hi material use krna chahiye for soldiers and normal citizens.

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  • Super sar

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  • #JAI HIND # 🙏

  • सोनम जी आपको नमस्कार भारत माता के सपूत की जय हो

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  • U r doing a great job sir

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  • Sir ye bahut hi achha invention hai .....hmm aapko dhanyawad krte sabhi deshvasiyo ki taraf se thankyou so much you❤️

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  • A True Engineer

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  • Inspirational. Heartfelt good wishes to you for many more innovations. Thank you🙏

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  • Can you send our message to China in their language

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  • Real Indian we respect you Sonam ji, thank you.

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  • Love for China and you guy from Pakistan.Thanks for your translation💕💞👌

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  • Sonam Wangchuk: I made a solar tent. Me: how soon it can be delivered??

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  • Sir apki tarif karne k liye koi sabd dictionary m nai hai...bad aapko dil ki gahraiyo se bahut bahut pyar..

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  • Naman sir

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  • 🙏I wish government may acknowledge his efforts

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  • Indian Government must invest in these solar tents.

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  • sir please have coy right on the design, before someone make a commercial project

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  • Sir Excellent innovation 👍 What's the update as we heard news about this on twitter but no update is given by army spoke person or govt officials

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  • Great work, Sir I have never been out of Mumbai to any state...But my dream is to visit Leh...And whenever that day comes...I want to meet you...And want to thank you on behalf of our nation...For such amazing invention

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  • Innovating monk of Himalaya. Great job sir, Salute

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  • Great sir 👍🏻 My suggestion :- if we add campfire in the isolation side of the camp than it will easily increase the inner side of the heat, because it is totally isolated so heat cannot rejected to the outskirts of the camp. Doing this we could increase the temprature from 15° to 17°-18°. Also it is reliable and convenient, however if we introduce the campfire, we also have to introduce the air ventilation for fresh air. That's my concern; thanks sir for reading my message.

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  • Please talk to the point, you take way to long to convey your message.

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  • Your a great scientist sir!!! But even better human with a good heart. If China get this revolutionary tent, they will copy it by reverse engineering within one week and will sell it to the whole world and even India in cheaper price. Never expect such a copy cat country will become our customer!!!

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  • Why can't we lay power lines here under the ground ?? There is cold weather, metals will give more conductivity to electricity

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  • What is about oxidation sir in this tent

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  • How will the soldiers get FRESH AIR due to CARBONDDIOXIDE exhaled during night?

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  • Congratulations. Great comfort will be appreciated by all Army staff. Jai Jawan and Jai their Comfortors

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