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10 जानेवारी, 2021
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A video showing about what all the moments and situations that happens when You Go Out With Elder Girlfriend . Please do watch and share it across with your friends!
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  • Nanba where helmate many fans are seeing you so please where helmate for safety nanba

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  • Nice outing pola bro😍😍😍last scene semma thali katina moment ana getti melam ellaye😁😁😅😅

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  • add subtitles

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  • Vdeo Ella nalladha irunthe... Irunthalum takkinu thali ellam kattra scene thevaya😂😂😂... Ippothanda nee oru joke😂

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  • Bro can u plzz please post with subtitles, all your vedios with elder girl were super.... i love them

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  • Payana noda ponu chinna pona irundha vaera. Ponoda payan chinnavana irundha y epadi overa panuringa.

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  • We need part 2 please

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  • Who is fan of "am I joke to you" dialogue

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  • Bro mobile camera la video shoot panningala..

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  • Please give English or Sanskrit subtitles im from odisha 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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  • I like the videos, although I don't understand language so basically I have to depend on your acting skills, more than 90% is good acting , rest Pls try if possible, m I joke 2 u - best bro , I have elder gf, everyday I have to take care of her, she is little bit childish

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  • Commentsஐ வாசிக்கும் அனைவருக்கும் நன்றி தாங்கள் விரும்பினால் நமக்கு ஆதரவு தாருங்கள் channelஐ வந்து பாருங்கள் பிடித்தாள் சப்ஸ்கரைப் பன்னுங்க....

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  • Brother plz dub in telugu also brother

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  • Add subtitles too.

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  • I'm from Bihar. Plz put subtitles na😂 "I'M I JOKE TO YOU" love from patna❤️

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  • Next topic.. Wen u date an aunty, when you love an aunty

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  • Please Hindi

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  • Where the subtitles. I find This content more relevant & entertaining than those up north or in the West.

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  • Better soooooooooo boring

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  • Too much cliche.. insecurities emotional blackmailing.. though presented subtle you can't not notice it.

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  • Please out captions as you have a lot of audience who can't understand your language ☺️

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  • My lover also 1yr younger... 3yrs of love... Waiting for marriage 😍

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