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12 नोव्हेंबर, 2020
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#Mukhda is a Punjabi song about love, happiness and celebration!
When beauty is not about the way you look, but about how you choose to view life. Everything and everyone around you becomes a part of the beauty you create! CHALO SAB MILKE PARTY KARTE HAIN!!!
Enjoy this song !!!
This song is dedicated to our late friend Ravi. Who is no longer with us physically but will always be with us in spirit! ❤️
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Sanam Puri - Vocals
Samar Puri - Guitars
Venky S - Bass
Keshav Dhanraj - Drums
Audio Credits -
Lyrics: Siddhant Kaushal
Mix & Master by Shadab Rayeen @ New Edge
Audio Programming: Prasanna Suresh
Mandolin & Tumbi - Chintoo Singh Wasir
Audio Recording: Ishan Naik
Dhol: Iqbal Azad & Nadeem Azab (Special thanks to these very close friends of ours)

Video Credits -
Executive Producer: Richa Krishna Lal ( Chocolate Films)
Director of Photography: Maximilian Ourik ( NLight Studio, Bangkok)
DOP: Charudatta Rane
Production Assistant : Pornnapat Aemrahong a.k.a Ichi
Post Production by Artborne Digital
Grading: Imran Khan
Gaffer: Ravi Khandale
Costume Designer / Stylist: Blossom Lalwani
Make Up & Hair: Amit & Atif
Location Courtesy: Le Meridien, Phuket
Graphics and Publicity Design- Pixel Grabber Private Limited
Special Thanks to Minttu Ji and his wonderful family!
Verse 1 :
Chori chori miliyaan,
Tere naal akhiyaan,
Vekhda ve reh gaya,
Chori chori miliyaan, jo tere naal akhiyaan..
Ve rukk jaa,
Sohniye ve meri jaan,
Ainvayi Tu na tadpa,
Thoda hass ke dikha, Hun taan meri jaan ..
Tere liye, ve tere liye, Main kudiye ni lakh vaari jaan de jaavaan..
Main jad v vekhaan tainu hassda,
Mainu sohna sohna hai lagda.. Ho Ho ..
Aggey tere dil eh rukda,
Rabb varga tera eh mukhda..
eh mukhda..
Verse 2 :
Roop tera kudiye,
Chann varga laggey,
Fikke taare lagde,
Roop tera kudiye, chann varga lagey..
Tere liye, ve Tere liye, main kudiye ni jind
meri jaan de jaawaan..
Main jad v vekhaan tainu hassda,
Mainu sohna sohna hai lagda.. Ho Ho ..
Aggey tere dil eh rukda,
Rabb varga tera eh mukhda..
eh mukhda..
Rap 2 :
Hathh chakk nach lae,
Mere naal nach lae,
Aaja kudiye ni feeling Tu samajh lae ..
Ik sip chakh lae,
Ya glass hi chakk lae,
Floor nu chadd chal ceiling patt lae..
Dil karda,
Tainu hun hug karaan,
Zor di haan..
Meri tu banadey love life yaara,
Takunn daily daily uth ke..
Rabb varga, tera eh mukhda.. eh mukhda..
Eh Mukhda
Rabb varga, tera eh mukhda.. eh mukhda..
Eh Mukhda
MUKHDA (English Translation)
Stealthily, as our eyes met
I could only keep gazing at your face
as our glances stealthily met.
Stay awhile O beautiful one, my life
don't torture me like this
smile a little at least now
O, my life!
For you, O for you! I would die a million deaths
It feels so good to see you laughing
In your presence, this heart stops beating
Your face, O your countenance is like that of God!
Beauteous as the moon
the stars pale before your beauty
O beautiful one
For you, my love, I can lay down my life!
It feels so good to see you laughing
In your presence, this heart stops beating
Your face, O your countenance is like that of God!
Raise a hand and dance with me
understanding my feelings today
take a sip or empty the glass
setting not just the floor on fire
but shatter the ceiling too.
I want to hug you tight o girl
be my love forevermore
so I wake up to gaze upon your beautiful countenance
Your face, O your countenance is like that of God!
Your face, O your countenance is like that of God!

#SANAMOriginal #Mukhda

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