Kaise Juda Rahein (Official Video) - Prem & Hardeep | Stebin Ben, Sonna | Siddharth, Eugeniya | Dev

25 मार्च, 2021
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Just say my name and I’ll be there
Nothing and no one can touch my heart, like you ❤️
#KaiseJudaRahein #LoveSong #StebinBen
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Sony Music & Replay Music Present
Prem & Hardeep's
Kaise Juda Rahein
Cast - Siddharth Gupta & Eugenia Belousova
Song - Kaise Juda Rahein
Music - Prem & Hardeep
Singer - Stebin Ben & Sonna Rele
Lyrics - Kunaal Vermaa & Sonna Rele
Programmed, Arranged & Performed By Prem & Hardeep
Recorded & Produced At Prem & Hardeep Studios UK
Vocals Recorded At Neo Sound Mumbai By Pranjal Borah
Vocal Supervision & Vocal Sound Design - Amit Sawant
Location & Extensive Hospitality Courtesy Mr Neeraj Seth & Team Kandima Maldives
This romantic ballad shot at Kandima Maldives (kandima.com/index.php/en) Name changed to 'Kabir Resorts' only for story purposes.
Kandima Maldives is not just a resort but an experience of a lifetime
Production House - Meraki
Director - Dev
Associate Director - Rishabh Sharma
DOP - Anuj Samtani
First Assistant Director - Piyush Jain
Assistant Camera Man - Alpesh Parmar
Stylist - Khushbu Banerjee & Rishabh Sharma
Hair & Makeup - Daksh & Unaid
Editor - SK Studios & Team
Post Production - Famous Studios Mumbai
Colorist - Avinash Shukla
Confirmist - Kirit Rathod
Online - Bibhash Goswamy
Post Supervisor - Pradyumna Kamat
Fabrics Sourced From Aadil's
Line Producer - Raj & Kirpal Singh
Location Coordinator For Mumbai Rambo Circus - Sumit Parasrampuriya
Location Coordinator - Gurvinder Sehgal

Audio on Sony Music Entertainment India Pvt. Ltd(C) 2021
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  • A tale of 2 hearts and 1 promise kept ❤️ Share your stories of promises kept in the comments below

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  • I love this song 😘😘😘

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  • M frustrated me and my person have also this same story just yesterday we patched up and he was like we can’t be in a relationship because his parents won’t agree and he was like we would be talking sometimes 🥺please pray please pray so that his family would agree

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  • Please cast Rhea Sharma in your upcoming music video with Siddhart

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  • Please cast Rhea Sharma in your upcoming music video with Siddhart

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  • Lyrics are very touchy & thoughtful, video looks like someone rich's pre-wedding shoot - exotic locations and surprices, singing is ruined - its like showing off singing, there is no emotion match in beautiful lyrics and singing. Loved the lyrics though.

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