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Google Pay works closely with your bank at all times to ensure that money moves safely and reaches the right place, at the right time.

  • जल्दी करेंगे , जल्दबाज़ी नहीं G Pay - ले Processing में लटका देंगे 🤣

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  • What's the actress name

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  • Many people in India do not understand this Hindi language, please make a video in English

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  • Someone needs goa ticket in exchange of gaya or kochi?

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  • 1 NUMBER 👌

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  • Actress name Hemangi Kavi..

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  • Money debited but not credited to payee's account 🥴.. DONT WORRY GOOGLE IS SAFELY ROLLING YOUR MONEY

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  • Direct bank to bank transfer kyu nhi karte bhai, kya hi zaroorat hai google pay ki atleast in this example?

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  • हेमांगी कवी

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  • Ye voice over kiska hein

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  • বাংলাদেশেও Google pay চাই।

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    • R8. Amio

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  • New Earning app ( Coming from Google )

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  • Mera payment 2 dec se 5 dec tk pending me hi rha aur jldi ki baat krte hai jhute sale 🙄🙄

  • Lawda kaam krta hai chutiya app

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  • If you paid more then 100rs then your are in big trouble. The money successfully deducted from your account but the receiver should not be received. Then Google team will tell you. We are working on your issue wait for 7 working days. Again you call to know you ticket then they again tell you wait for next 7 working days. And your problem will not resolve before 30days. Beware of the google schemes. Better luck next time. And they proven it very seriously. I have deleted my google account after money received. Pls don't go with add and spoil your relationship with clients using google upi transactions.

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  • Oops something went wrong 😂... Your money in processing refund after 10 to 100 years .

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  • Warning: Google Pay has Chinese investments.

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  • बार बार तो पैसा ही फेल होता है वह भी पेंडिंग में चला जाता है बकवास है एप्लीकेशन

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  • Kya kuch bol or likh dete ho.. jaldi aur jaldbazi kya difference hai jara samjhana to google India grammatic meaning same hota hai dono ka.. Bevakoof smjh rhe ho logo ko.

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  • जिंदगी में कभी किसी अपने का साथ मत छोड़ना, जिंदगी में कभी किसी का दिल मत तोड़ना, बस जिंदगी तो उसे ही कहते हैं, जो एक पल में सारा जहां जी लेते हैं।

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  • Ghatiya app Everytime payment is failed or stuck