" 'If you have 2 rupees then spend only one - not four' is what my mother said" shares AR Rahman

20 सप्टेंबर, 2020
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The very special 25th episode of Expressions Espresso takes us to a light hearted chat with Isai Puyal A R Rahman! Listen to the prodigy in a casual banter with Sudha Ragunathan - on his journey, his special moments, his passions and his children. There is so much fun, some profound thoughts, some expressions in all humility, some learnings and so much gratitude.

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  • Please do a session with shreya ghoshal

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  • Maybe a bit more theory behind his work the next time? Arijit did it brilliantly.. I was hoping you would too..

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  • This is such a delightful informative interview (Perhaps the best ever) of A.R.Rehman delving into what motivates Rehman to do what he does. Thank you. Kudos and best wishes!

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  • Been waiting for Sudha Ragunathan to sing in a few ARR songs. Hope this happens soon

  • Hello ma'am, Around 31:09, Mr Rahman talks about a clip that he said he would share with you, the one where Rahman and Shri Dakshinamurthy was jamming and talking about knowledge. Could you kindly update the that clip please. Thanks in advance. :)

    Ananth SingeethamAnanth Singeethamमहिन्यापूर्वी
    • Rahman sir has posted that in his channel. mrworlds.info/chart/vhi-i/rZulltaZpm5me3E

  • 36:07 Minmini and a r r😍

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  • I am big fan of chitra and Rehman songs

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  • Thank you Dileep

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  • Thank you for these pleasant interviews. Your questions are thoughtful and poignant. Your interaction is very charming. One suggestion - I think these would be even more enjoyable if it were more of a conversation, with you adding more to the banter, rather than such a Q&A format. We'd love to hear more from you too, and I think the guests would find that more engaging as well.

    Swetha SundarSwetha Sundar2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • It’s a pleasure to listen to AR which you hardly get . His idea on singers and their personalities and his value for original voice quality ensures to have lovely musical works in the future. 😊

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  • Madam one correction, namaste is singular, is not used when we address to a group or to someone with respect (ningal).

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  • Some Good things in lockdown. We get to listen more interviews 😊

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  • Audio very bad quality mam please correct that

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  • Beautiful interview. Such a great insight 😀

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  • Heartiest congratulations on the completion of interactions with 25 greatest personalities. Atlast i was able to see & hear Sri.A. R. Rehman's wonderful journey towords his carrier as a Music Director for Cinemas, better late than ever. He is very humble & a very good humanbeing. Thanks a lot , God bless you. Namaskaram.

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  • One of the best interviews of A.R.R.

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    • Superb interaction with ARR

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  • Maam u missed interviewing SPB sir in this great series ..:(

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  • Peak of honesty

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  • Unlike many other "Big Shots" Rahman Saab is very simple, shy & boyish in his Public Speaking, in interviews etc, which is refreshing and charming... As people say Simplicity & Humility will take a person to higher places in life.... He said, "My wife and family are MORE excited by my getting Oscars! Even today!!" That's a nice sweet thing to hear. When the world is full of grand standing and noisy, ARR brings Genuine Greatness to the Table..... Very enjoyable interview... We all get goose bumps when he said, "For me, my Mom is the Super Star!" That is more revealing than "She said, when you have 2 Rs, spend only 1 Re not 4 Rs!!"

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  • Wonderful interview. ARR was so humble with his words and simple in his actions.

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  • Best interview...ARR my persomal favourite...So humble yet even at such peak of success.... Sudhaji please give us opportunity to meet Kavitha KrishnMoorthy in Expressions Espresso now...looking forward to......My personal WISH Mam

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  • Amazing... Nothing less than a Genius ARR is... The fact that he is open to new and real talent has been his key success. So much to learn from him, there is always a balance in him... Creatively high and spirtually balanced all at the same time... So much deep. Must say excellent and well framed thoughtful questions by sudha ji.

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  • Nirai kudam Google typed kuram

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  • Both are great in their field. Singing and composing. But humble to the core. Nirai kuram thalumbadu True

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  • Very strained interview. He is not a natural talker& Sudha spent time trying to pull it off, but the Raga Maand maalai was class!

    Indu NathanIndu Nathan2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
    • I don't think so. ARR was talking happily. Since he does not boast, it looks strained. Anyone talks with honestly its looks strained and boring for few.

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  • Thanks a lot for one of the most interesting interviews

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  • AR Rahman KO SUNO AND tensions depression stress mental illness and Corona bhagao immediately and permanently.

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  • Smarty looking both of you of the world.

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  • Anytime and everytime always respect mother father teacher and guru till death and firstly respect Human beings and next religion's and castes of the world.

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  • 💓 touching speeches interviews and presentation.

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  • Smarty looking Speaking singing videography editing and presentation.

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  • Music unites and politics divides.

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  • Simply beautifully INTELLIGENTLY Speaking looking videography editing and presentation.

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  • Music emperor...

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  • ARR is too boring and philosophical. His music is not any good too.

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    • @Music Fan you too

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    • Too Spiritual and unreal

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    • What do you make of raja sir?

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    • Is it? Please sleep well. I am sure you will be fine...

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  • Love this

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  • Could you please conduct an interview with Dr. K.J.Yesudas

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  • Hi Sudha Mam, Fantastic interview.

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  • your programs are also helping my son understand about world of music and musicians of India .

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  • Just have tears in my eyes seeing this human being's humility ,simplicity and connection to the almighty .

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  • I grew up with ARR loved him more after Vande Mataram, Thanks Sudha mam for the variety. I wish ARR sir could have responded in the end with similar greeting with hands together.

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  • thank you so much for this interview

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  • Nice man Can you give video about mangala harthi song in few lines for varalakshmi pooja mam

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  • Humility personified.... That's A.R.Rehman....❤️ Thanks Sudhaji🙏🏽 Looking forward for more such power packed interviews.....🙏🏽

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  • Ooh veerapandi kottayile is not a song. It's an experience. Like a tour of many dreamy places.

    SAILESH SSAILESH S2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
    • Adhe adhe

      நாகரா‌ஜ ஐயர்- சேர பாண்டிய நாட்டு அந்தணன்நாகரா‌ஜ ஐயர்- சேர பாண்டிய நாட்டு அந்தணன்2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • Goosebumps listening to ARR talk about stalwarts Devarajan master, Arjunan master, and especially eager to see the clip of him jamming with Swami (Dakshinamoorthy) from 2010? (He said 10 yrs back I think I heard). And the most he has mentioned and praised here is KS Chitra even though nothing related to her was asked. It shows how much regard he has for the legend.

    SAILESH SSAILESH S2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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  • Loved the interview :)

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  • Thank you for this deep soul touching episode,so simple and truthful,God bless him and you forever

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  • ARR phenomenal thank you ARR have to learn a lot from you

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  • 21:03 i was expecting his ringtone to be airtel theme song ! Haha :)

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  • Seen prior shows in bits and pieces and I liked them. Sorry I couldn’t see them fully but will do so soon from you tube. Interview withThiru Abdul Rahman saw from beginning to end. Both Mrs Sudha Ragunathan and Tiru Rahman stalwarts in music industry is an unique one. It’s a phenomenal interview, learned a lot about Rahman as a human and as a professional. In essence saw the faith, dedication and self discipline bring success personal satisfaction and public credibility. Fame and money are ones own Karma but not the focus. Undercurrent thinking so well Expressed by both of you that success one time is not permanent motivate both of you to keep you sadhana going and keep learning new things certainly make both of you young and top of your profession. I can’t justify the appreciation I have for both of you and my personal take from this interview in this small comment. Thank you both for this great interview - this E and E show is more than a silver lining in the dark cloud of Corona lockdown 🙏🏻.

    Vellore ParithivelVellore Parithivel2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
    • I enjoyed the interview However, I must say that Sudha Raghunathan is much more articulate than ARR.

      Sudha KrishnaswamySudha Krishnaswamy2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • Kesariya Balaam. Great Rajasthani folk song in the great mesmerizing Maand Raag!

    Trivandrum GaneshTrivandrum Ganesh2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • AR is our treasure. Enjoyed the interview fully madam. Keep going.

    Uma KumarUma Kumar2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • One and only Ar Rahman ♥️

    lareef boblareef bob2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • Wow awesome interaction. Was more like a satsang than interview

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    • Sathyam

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  • Sudha ma’am, would love watch you interview Unni Menon...

    divya swamidasandivya swamidasan2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • ARR is the one explores varieties of music and introduced to the Indian which were unknown before ARR. This is the uniqueness and greatness of ARR.

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  • So interesting to listen to you both music is such a vast world

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  • Brilliant conversation. Thank you for this Sudha mdm.

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  • ARR always great 😊😊😊👍

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  • pinnani padagar ellaam munnani padagarkalaga irukkanga But munnani padagargal ellam een super star aga azaipathillai?

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  • Just love the shows. I think you should continue this even after covid ends.

    Rajam KasiviswanathanRajam Kasiviswanathan2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • Wonderful interview. Excellent choice of questions and keeping it natural

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  • Enjoyed this interview.

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  • Please put that clip, that will be very interesting to watch a maestro talk about music and knowledge

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  • I missed your music bouquet madam

    Sumathi manjunathSumathi manjunath2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
    • Sumathi manjunath She did it at 15:35

      pctubepctube2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • Very nice interview with Rahman. Children of the 90 s and after are simply blown away from his unique musical style. The earlier generations too have been his very close followers. However I don't think he is much into Carnatic music, though he has not said so in so many words - because the very heart of it is deeply connected to the Hindu ethos.

    Nethra KanagasabaiNethra Kanagasabai2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
    • Adhitya S He recommends I think to learn from all music compositions from the world . It may be true all are good platforms to learn and experiment . But only in the Carnatic music tradition the music is itself connected to saints and bhaktas. Some of the famous western classical music composers had very debauch lifestyle. Some even went mad ! Except for church music , there is nothing spiritual in other music forms in my opinion. Haha.

      Nethra KanagasabaiNethra Kanagasabai2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
    • True. He pales in comparison to Raaja sir wrt Carnatic music. Actually, in most respects he does. He’s a great producer, whereas, Raaja sir is the greatest film score composer in the world.

      Adhitya SAdhitya S2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • This is the first time I have seen rehman openinig up so much so Kudos to you for listening and not talking all the te like most do. Loved it. With regards. Great fan of m.l.v akka and you.

    Kasturi SwamiKasturi Swami2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • Like to know about ponnyoin selvan music if Rahman ji. Is doing music

    Shanta SrinivasanShanta Srinivasan2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • Your introductions can be a little brisk, I meant delivery wise and not content wise

    Indumathi PoorananIndumathi Pooranan2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • Nice and great to hear more from ARR... wonderful welcoming bouquet Sudha ji...

    Lakshmi RamakrishnanLakshmi Ramakrishnan2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • Madam, our humble opinion You have to start this conversation first with Maestro Ilayaraja. ARR is Oscar winner, Grammy winner and so many awardee but Music means Ilaiyaraja only. 👍

    Musical KnotsMusical Knots2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
    • IR always is a notch above others ! His music is pure and divine. Unfortunately people fail to recognize the true value of this genius ! But nothing matters to Maestro. He is so much into spirituality and leads the life of a true sage. Rahman is a great composer too. No doubt ! But IR is the gift of God to the mankind !!

      Jay MenonJay Menonमहिन्यापूर्वी
    • Raja sir is the greatest film score composer in the world. Rahman is a great producer and a good composer.

      Adhitya SAdhitya S2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
    • Ayyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeee

      SAILESH SSAILESH S2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
    • @Srikanth vk 🙏

      Musical KnotsMusical Knots2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
    • Musical Knots grow up..

      Srikanth vkSrikanth vk2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • Wow Madam!! What a nice bouquet u have presented to Rahman Sir🙏🙏🙏

    Hemavathi HosurHemavathi Hosur2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • I always feel ARR is beyond music. His every interview teaches me about philosophy, spirituality and humanity. Humbled that I lived during this time. Thank you Sudha mam for bringing him in your show. It made my day today.

    aarthy ramasamyaarthy ramasamy2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • Waiting for isai gnani ilayaraja's session eagerly

    ಸುಪ್ರೀತ್ಸುಪ್ರೀತ್2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • 2 greats talking about music - Beautiful bits in Mand rendered by Sudha Ji. Comment on Gandharam among other things were a big reinforcement. What an amazing humble grounded person ARR is. It seemed like it rather ended suddenly. Thanks for such wonderful discussions.

    Vasanthi IyerVasanthi Iyer2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • Mam, it would be grateful if we are able to watch a beautiful conversation with Shreya Ghoshal ❤️.

    Giridhar K.RGiridhar K.R2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • Beautiful saree 🙂🙏

    Poornima DinakaranPoornima Dinakaran2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • Amazing ARR !!! So touched by his humility and his knowledge!! Thanks Sudha ji for the lovely rendezvous!!!

    Lavanya SeshadriLavanya Seshadri2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
  • The greatest things are the simplest... ARR the Great Composer projected a simple and transparent persona that is disarmingly charming. Thanks Sudha ji for diing the Best interactive session with the musical genius.

    Vijay E MenonVijay E Menon2 महिन्यांपूर्वी