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Sergi has been a part of my team for a few years now, but joined the Supercar Blondie team officially full time earlier this year during lock down. He currently drives a second hand Mitsubishi Lancer with a few scratches and dints which he calls his Silver Bullet. But his favorite car hands down is the BMW X6 M50i so I decided to surprise him with a brand new one from AGMC. Thank you Serg @sergi.galiano for all the positive energy you always bring to work! Hope you enjoy the vid guys! xo Alex
Special thanks to www.bmw-dubai.com (@bmw_agmc)
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  • What mods or wrap should Sergi get guys?? ❤️

    Supercar BlondieSupercar Blondie2 महिन्यांपूर्वी
    • @Imran Ansari 😉😊😉😝🤪🥲😗😋😇😚☺🥲😋😙😍😇

      Mohammed CarrimMohammed Carrim18 तासांपूर्वी
    • I like bmw x 6

      Mohammed CarrimMohammed Carrim18 तासांपूर्वी
    • Matte black

      K3LAD GAMEZK3LAD GAMEZ2 दिवसांपूर्वी
    • I wanna work for you🤣😂

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    • You are amazing! 😊😍

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  • Why does it look like she likes him then buys him a toy... Wrong move...just Kidding

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  • Love the energy

    Lilly MolokeLilly Moloke9 तासांपूर्वी
  • SCB sniffing all that benzene gas. She needs to be careful.

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  • Anda sangat murah hati,mau ber bagi kepada karyawan anda

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  • Wow that's awesome

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  • Happy Birthday 🍺🍾🥂

    Emil SchallerEmil Schaller17 तासांपूर्वी

    Emil SchallerEmil Schaller17 तासांपूर्वी
  • I like this bmw x7m50i

    Mohammed CarrimMohammed Carrim18 तासांपूर्वी
  • 🙂one day will be for me

  • He is so lucky to have you as his boss, and he is a good at work, so he deserve it and i'm being emotional here when i watch your videos, but i'm happy thought☺️

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  • where is this place in dubai?

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  • Where does she get all the money 😂?

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  • Sergi must be a side chick.... off camera

  • OMG, here we can't even afford to avail the public transports. 🤣

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  • The question is, can he maintain the car?!

    Márcio R.Márcio R.2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • I love a BOSS like you Alex.. what an emotional moment.... Sergi excited like anything..... my tears rolling from the moment he saw the key.... Supercar Blondie you guys are super super.........

    Mohammed SabeerMohammed Sabeer2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • I will buy a supercar within 7 years

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  • pretty cool prank,,,

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  • Great ❤️is yours Like an ocean

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  • What!.....

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  • You are so generous!

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  • Wow, amazing... I love it... ❤️😍

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    • I find your channel... Come from Germany Hannover ❤️

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  • So cute. The reaction was priceless. The best gift is love, but a sweet new BMW is grand !

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  • Pomp it with a “ YA WEY” on top

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  • hello Dear Muah Good Morning everyone

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  • As you can see clearly at the time 19:48 of the video, the right hinge of the bonnet is unlocked. I am an expert Service Advisor of BMW :) :) :) now I am working as a service manager :)

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  • I can smell it 😊😊

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  • Omg can i be ur employee 😭😭😭

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  • Wow! Such a caring gift from SB.

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  • I love, romantic, and faithful, with the family. Happy birthday. for you and your brother. More if it were me, I would not give the bouquet of flowers. for my friend. And yes, we were both going to open BMW on the beach. And throw the petals into the tide, take it. and bring more unity. Love next. 🌹Blondie

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  • JP gets to keep The Silver Bullet😂

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  • Are you sure your employee or something else? Seriously you give him a bmw of the year hahaha if who believes you

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  • Employeeeaa rigth 🤔🤔🤔😏

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  • What a blessing!

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  • 😻😻

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  • Cant you please be blonde again,and your sister lacks the pep that you got,keep the show to yourself please,people wish to see you.

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  • Wonderfull congratulation

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  • Thats one ugly bmw

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  • Your so beautiful good on you

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  • You didnt give him a supercar xD

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  • great non here from Cebu Philippines watching your vlog of car entertaiment

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  • By the way! It's not a surprised anymore, cause you already revealed the secret surprise! You must prank him first and then surprise him his dream car! That's it

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  • Mam pliis help me for my home

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  • Can I have a new car please? Mine is 21 years, leaks oil, and has been totaled because someone hit me! TY!!! 💕

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  • i just smile even though it's a video😋

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  • pimp it to matte black

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  • I wish one of the lucky subscriber can surprised also supercar blonde 😀😀😀

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  • Loved it😘

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  • You er great Blondie ☺️😍

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  • Hey Blondie, you are super cool 😎 I watch your video like everyday OmG, God bless you so so Much...

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  • I just buyed this car

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  • Wow..... It is Suprisingly to your staff you proved that Gud persons and owners are still there who takes care of their staff and colleagues... Appreciated all the worth

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  • "we got a new car" LMAOOOOO

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  • its good to show love.i liked it

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  • You're amazing ❤️❤️❤️.

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  • i would have cried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a BMW fan since I was a teen in the 80's

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  • Forget mods or wrap he needs full coverage insurance.

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  • "get a whiff of that" me desperately trying to sniff the screen

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  • ❤️❤️❤️

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  • You give your husband a Suzuki and employee a BMW hmm strange is it not 🙄

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  • Give me

  • this video so happy🥰🥰

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  • well done Blondie (alex) that shows care big time..wish i could work with you but I'm based at Lisbon. .bigs up for you and the team. .bless

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  • Counted 65 million Oh my Gods 😂😂😂👏👏👏

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  • Super Boss.

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  • And it had to be an SUV ofc. The car for people that doesn't like cars

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  • Omg that was super cool!! Am I the only ond crying watching this video? Hahah.

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  • I like the m6 m competition more

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  • I got emotional ..And started thinking that I can not afford to this type of car because I am belong from middle class family ... From India .. But so beautiful movement 😍 I love this . Biggest fan of yours ... U are as my big sister ❤️. biggest biggest fan of yours .👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

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    • I agree with you and welcome to my channel about cars

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