How To Grow Chillies At Home|100+ chillies per plant|Seed To Harvest

29 सप्टेंबर, 2018
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Growing a chilli plant from a seed can be a fun and easy endeavor! Germinate chilli seeds in a warm, consistent temperature and use a light compost to sprout seedlings. Carefully transfer a seedling to a small pot, keeping it warm and watered. Upgrade pots as the plant grows, or transfer it to your garden if the weather is warm enough. Pick chillis off of your plant regularly as a flavorful addition to your meals!
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  • thank u so much !!! My chilli plants are now producing a lot of chilli by following your method !

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  • What to do if we don't have cocopeat? Please reply

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  • I always put some chili in my food.

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  • I thought I needed 1 plant per pot I’m off to buy some more plants thanks heaps

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  • Sir we can do the same thing with green chillies?

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  • how many days to grow small chilli plant pls tell

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  • The #1 reason my plants don't turn out as good as this channel shows is because I can't find that wide pot that he keeps using to germinate the seeds. Lol. Jk.

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  • That's a lot of peppers in such small space 👍🌶 great job!

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  • I think I overwatered my plant I am getting anxious 😨😭

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  • In which soil

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  • chillies garden video

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  • Why is my plant having just one or two chillies

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  • It is really helpful

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  • hello sir, in my chilly plant new growing leaves are turning yellow please tell the reason and solution please....😭😭

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  • Can I grow them in winters? Will I get chillies?

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  • Can I use seaweed solution for chilly plant?

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  • Meanwhile my chilis grow so slow

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  • How many times we should water in a day?

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  • But if the seeds are attacked by ants than what to do ?. Please tell me..

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  • Can I do 2g of chilli plant it's right to do??

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  • Thank you sir i became fan of you happy terrace gardening and happy harvesting

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  • What is fine sand?Where can i get it? In amazon its showing only river sand and not fine sand.

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  • Can i use only garden soil?

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  • At first I was not getting any chillies then when I used fertilizer the plant gives me a lot of chillies I don't need to buy anything

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  • Can we just use organic compost Not sand

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  • by seeing your video i also planted a chilli plant. Very nice 👍👍👍👍

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  • Wow, you're videos are full of a lot of truly useful information without a bunch of unnecessary talk, so rare. I'm binge watching them. Thanks so much!

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  • wow good guide for chillys planter

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  • Thank u sir for ....truly anybody can understand the whole process.

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  • 1:11, {1:19} 1:24, {{1:44}}, 1:53, {2:06}, 2:27, 2:31, {2:39}, 3:02, 3:24, 3:41, {3:54}, 4:23, {4:34}, {{5:01}}, {5:34}, 5:50, 5:58, {6:13}, 6:25, 6:37, {7:04}, 7:33, 8:01, 8:33,

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  • Some of the leaves of my chilli plants curl up and also some becomes depigmented. What can I do?

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  • kaha ka hai re

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  • we can put only vrimi copost

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  • Super bruh I will try I dont know how to grow in one plat 100 chillies 😔but now I will try same this process 🙂I will comment you how the chillies are came after using ur paln bruh 🤗🤗tqq soo much

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  • Dami pepper my friend

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  • I love your videos mate! I came here just for tips on growing chillies from seeds, but have found myself watching alot of your videos and subscribing. Cheers from Australia!

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  • thank u for an wonderful saplings are 1-2 inches long after around 15 days...But some of my saplings got bend to the soil...I am very concerned seeing this, so I am asking this is what can I do to prevent this.......and I cannot also found the reason behind this.....I am really concerned....are those saplings gonna die?

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  • Imagine having a heart from urban gardening

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  • Pinching the top growth is applicable for capsicum too? Plz ans...

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  • Can i use normal soil?

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  • can i just use 100% organic compose for all stages? will it still fruit?

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  • I like how you go straight to the point and give a lot of information in a short space of time, And how you lovingly touch the plants. Some feedback is to keep the video more still. Thank you so much .

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  • Handling chillies with gloves is for sissy boys. I even handle my Carolina reapers without gloves.

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  • Kindly try to avoid moving your camera that fast as it’s hard on the eyes 👀 thanks

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  • How to understand which plants require which potting mix? Or any thumbrule? Logic behind different usage?

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  • Very informative video. Below is link of my video on how to process this chillies

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  • Does breaking the top , does this method apply to big red chillis?

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  • Does this apply to all types of red chillis?

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  • Your videos are so informative sir! And the plant update are amazing. Thank you so much for the videos, I have subscribed to your channel and pressed the bell icon as well!

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  • good works yet i think you put too many in one small pot..

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  • Store your seeds like this

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  • I am going to start this weekend to sow chilli seeds...I tried planting tomatoes the way you have suggested and it was a success...thank you!

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  • My chilli plants leaf has started curving. Would you please give some natural remedies to cure it. Because in lockdown I cannot go outside. And i really love your method. And your others vedios are really nice. They have inspired me to start gardening again. Thanks for your all vedios.

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  • I want to know at which stage after germination we have to keep plant in full shade . Please answer

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  • must i dry the seeds first?

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    • If seeds are mature than no need to dry store seeds you have to dry first

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  • How to verify good quality of seeds? Plz reply if know

    • Brand,pakaging,expiry date and appearance ...... results can be seen after planting only

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  • Thank you for explaining the whole process from planting to harvesting so clearly. Now I'm excited to grow some chilis in my tiny backyard garden ☺️😬

    • Great 🤝 happy gardening

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  • i have transplant chillis to bigger pots like 11 inch is it enough to produce chill

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  • Nice planting

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  • The leaf of my chilli plant has started to curving, would you please give any natural remedies or make any vedio on it. Thanks in advance & thanks for all these amazing vedios. They are so helpful for me.

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  • Sir the leaves of chili plant shows some dark spot and also 3,5 flowers dropped ..only 2 chilly grown it fungus...what should I do.

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  • Thank you! Will be planting chillies today. Hope they survive this time

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  • Halo bro namasthe,😟 I want to now chilli leaves insects poora kharahai. Kya karooo 😪😪😪Pl tel e I have chilli plants in pot

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  • Very nice great work i love to do Gardening also

    • Great 🤝💐

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  • Is it necessary to transplant?

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    • @Urban Gardening ok noted. thankyou

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    • U can plant seeds directly at the final location ....keep 1 feet gap between two plants in ground

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  • I grew a habanero chili plant last year and got few chilies . The plant this year has few flowers . As it is only one plant with what can I group it so that the flowers are pollinated? I stay in Delhi

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    • Plant other chilly varieties

      Urban GardeningUrban Gardeningमहिन्यापूर्वी
  • hot hot hot, The dense chilies make my meals more delicious, I also grow chilies myself, because my hobby is planting

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  • As usual I am totally following your guidance. Thanks

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  • My chili plant have many flower but no chili plz guide me

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  • I’m fasting coz ur voice makes me sleep

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  • I bought beginner soil. It’s been about 2 weeks & my little seedlings have sprouted :)) I put about 5 seeds in little plastic cups. One outside, one inside. Made sure to keep soil moist. Im so exited, my journey has just begun!

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    • Great 🤝💐😀

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  • Anyone pls can give me a chillies seeds? 🙏

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  • Thank you for this tip's😊

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  • Can you tell in telugu

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  • Is the same method applicable to growing red chilli pepper?

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