Guptill 97 headlines final over THRILLER | 2nd KFC T20 SHORT HIGHLIGHTS | BLACKCAPS v Australia

24 फेबृवारी, 2021
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Short highlights from the second match of the KFC T20 Series between the BLACKCAPS and Australia at Dunedin's University of Otago Oval.

  • Does any one know the name of the song playing in the background when gleen Philips gets out because the song sounds good.

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  • Hi

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  • Guptill couldn't believe what he did

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  • oh my god newzealand hurray

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  • F* UK the uploader, f/yuck uploader.

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  • Too poor highlights.

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  • Please like who are all waiting to see INDIA vs NZ

  • Neesham Allround Show 🔥👌

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  • So This is how you make highlights

  • 30 sec highlights

  • What The Hell Man... is iT u Called A highlight video the end thanks for this mini mini mini video

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  • Nz

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  • Aus innings start at 87-3 .. wth ?

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  • Final of WTC...... Ind vs Nz 😎😎😎 ..... Like 👍here Indian supporters

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  • *_please increase the length of highlights to short highlights at least 8 min_* 😇😇😇

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  • I can't believe how guptil scored 50 with 2 sixes 😂😂 and Williamson 50 with 1 six 🤣🤣 Moral: highlights clips matter in MRworlds 🕵🏻🕵🏻

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  • Trousers of NZ cricket team need to be change.

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  • I offer my services for free for making highlights. These highlights are worse than any other highlights.

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  • Nz my best

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  • @NZC please give full highlights! Hard to get an idea for how the game went without all the wickets, and without all the 6s and 4s to see momentum moving the other way

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  • There’s a good game in there. Too bad the highlights only showed us a small piece of it.

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  • It is my favourite youtube channel

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  • Videos are too short

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  • 🤪🤪🖕🖕🖕

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  • The only good thing about short highlights is not having to listen to these clown commentators for too long.

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  • Outstanding

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  • Wtf! is this a highlight vdo....??

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  • Editor bro Plz keep this vdo atleast 1o min

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  • Very nice

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  • What a high scoring T20I game this is. Meanwhile, I love this New Zealand's latest jersey. Cream colour ❤. Its just simply W😍W!

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  • 0:43 Wade 🖐 him 👌👌👌

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  • What kind of highlights is this? Disappointing for cricket fans

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  • Any indians give me a like

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  • GIve us a proper highlights you Muppets. Don't sell your soul to Spark.

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  • Every video has people complaining about the quality. Can't we just talk cricket, isn't that why we're here. It's not like you can't find extended videos with a proper search....

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  • Most worst highlights i have ever seen🙄🙄

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  • See icc highlights then you will know how a quality highlight look likes

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  • Might be the worst highlights package iv ever seen

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  • the worst highlights there could be

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  • Chr skt krpa

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  • These are worst highlights.

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  • Increase video length upto 10 min

    anil shankaranil shankarमहिन्यापूर्वी

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  • do show each and every fall of wickets

  • Super

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  • why u guys don't show fall of wickets ,ain't they part of cricket??

  • I don't know why Guptill is not purchased in ipl such a good T20 batsman.

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  • Worst editing

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  • The video editor must be fired

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  • Worst highlights in world cricket 😁🙏. Podhum da Sami

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  • Kyle Jameson Glenn maxwell and Adam zampa. Performance you know the reason you dont

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  • RCB watching Maxwell😭

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  • Loudest commentary in the world - 3:20

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  • Show all boundries and wickets, at least.

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  • Great match 🤩🤩🤩

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  • Nzc highlights are like my shit

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  • This highlights doesn't even make any sense

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  • And Aus Cricket uploads highlights at same length with much higher quantity and quality. It's just like they have already set a bar to cross for NZC....

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  • The kiwis shirts are nice indeed. Reminds us Indian Viewers of the 1980's decade !

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  • Why dont upload Highlights ???

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  • highlights are edited very poorly please watch other channels.

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  • Highlights of highlights 😂😂

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  • So finally NZ is first corona free country 🙌

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  • One of the worst highlights 😭😭😭

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  • Worst highlights

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  • Need to work on highlights

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  • One of the worst highlights I have ever seen Hope you will improve 😀

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  • Itne mast match ki kitni suar highlights banayi ha 😂😂😂 BTW NZ Commentators Feel me liked I watch WWE 💥💥

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  • Worst editing of highlights

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  • Its so disturbing to watch these incomplete highlights.. Come on man.. Post all the big momenta

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  • Please upload at least 9 minute highlights of cricket matches

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  • Good competition

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  • NZC please hand over your credentials to ACB for editing highlights..😂

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  • Watha ithelam our highlight ah daaa

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  • Who is in the commentry panel I like the way they enjoy the match❤️

  • embarrassment of a highlight reel

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  • Hate to say it but NZ cricket need to learn on how to do highlights from Cricket Australia!! This is disappointing as F.

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  • Tore apart.. Yes. Ball says to bat n viceversa

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  • Sack dis editor from his job.... Worst editing cut for a t20... Learn from Au and England channels

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  • I am little be confused that it is a highlight or scorecard😃😃😃

  • Daniel sam RCB 🔥🔥🔥

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  • You guys should seriously consider changing the editor of this channel...

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  • Guptil is back he is back He is the leading six hitter

  • Sam's and stoinis have same playing style

  • What is this???

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  • We never expected this much short

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  • Hloo black caps, don't u know how to upload highlights of a game... Really pity of u guys😂😂😂

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  • Here to see Guptil's innings 😂😂. But can't watched it properly.

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  • NZ what is this shit 😁

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  • What a highlights 😁😁

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  • Student: teacher what is shit? Teacher: highlights posted by NZC

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  • Shortest highlight I have ever watched

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  • This is not the highlights

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  • Awful highlight

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  • India did injury scam, now pitch scam 😂

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    • Who's editing NZC? Christopher Nolan? Bcz this is the highlight of the highlight of the highlight.

      zijuiy wttuyzijuiy wttuyमहिन्यापूर्वी
  • Change ur editor

  • Best game with so much thriller...

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  • These are the worst highlights that i have ever seen

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