Dream Boy | Official Video | Hari Baskar | Monisha

15 ऑक्टोबर, 2020
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Hey everyone! DREAM BOY is out now! Watch and enjoy! Dont forget to subscribe to our channel for more amazing content!
Not everyone wants a boyfriend to live that fantasy life. Its someone we need to face all the hardships and struggles, someone who will stick with us through thick and thin no matter what. We all have such dreams, that when you fall in love finally and not be able to even fall asleep without his presence around us. But life will never be just fantasies and fairy tales or butterflies and rainbows. That doesn't mean we are not allowed such dreams. This video, is one such example of a girl and her DREAM BOY, and her kutty kutty expectations she has for the love of her life.

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Story & Direction - R. Monisha
CO-Direction - Hari Baskar
DOP - Jerin Auxilium
Music - Nijil Dhinakar
Editing & DI - Yasar Arafath
Art - Vikneshwar V
Dubbing Voice for heroine : Aazhi
Executive Producer - Afrose Fathima.M
Assistant Direction - Dixon sebas & Jeeva Shakthi
Cast : Hari Baskar, Lavanya & Janani Jayabal.

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  • Hari bhaskar ... a new version of you ... really well expressed character... kudos to the simple yet complete story...❤👍

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  • Dream la kooda make up potuney suthureengaley ma...

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  • Really very nice script and acting❤️.I appreciate the team work completely camera,artist ,dialogues,script,music etc...Mainly the girls voice...that dubbing gives a complete life to this film.loving it❤️.

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