Bigg Boss 14: Jasmin Bhasin talks about Salman Khan's breakdown & Rubina Dilaik being an opportunist

11 जानेवारी, 2021
330 048 वेळा पाहिला

With her heartbreaking eviction from Bigg Boss 14, Jasmin Bhasin spoke candidly about her journey inside the BB14 house, her relationship with Aly Goni, her broken friendship with Rubina Dilaik, Salman Khan's shocking breakdown over her elimination and also plays a fun game of Bigg Boss 14 superlatives.
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  • Do you think Aly Goni and Jasmin Bhasin should get married?

    PINKVILLAPINKVILLA5 दिवसांपूर्वी
    • Ye bahut nautanki ladki hain Fake bahut hain

      Namo NamahNamo Namah11 तासांपूर्वी
    • No Ali deserves mature n better girl

      kur kur khakur kur kha19 तासांपूर्वी
    • Noo

      kur kur khakur kur kha19 तासांपूर्वी
    • Yes

      Rohan MehraRohan Mehraदिवसापूर्वी
    • i dont care

      sumedha guptasumedha guptaदिवसापूर्वी
  • I disliked ur video just because of jasmean

    Preeti SamalPreeti Samal2 तासांपूर्वी
  • I never really realized but bigg boss truly unveiled her true personality. She’s really negative.

    Taseen NujairaTaseen Nujaira2 तासांपूर्वी
  • Jealous aunty !

    Shama ParveenShama Parveen5 तासांपूर्वी
  • Jass is best

    Satish ChipadeSatish Chipade6 तासांपूर्वी
  • Jasmin and aly are fake couple Rubi and abhi are best

    jenny lovejenny love8 तासांपूर्वी
  • Jasmin is very jealous of rubina

    jenny lovejenny love8 तासांपूर्वी
  • Jasmin is very jealous of rubina

    jenny lovejenny love8 तासांपूर्वी
  • Hate the way she talks.

    K SKK SK10 तासांपूर्वी
  • Ungrateful woman ! I wish I had a friend like Rubina.. and what’s with Salman targeting Rubina or her supporters almost every weekend and not uttering a word against Ejaz !?

    Asawari MalhotraAsawari Malhotra11 तासांपूर्वी
  • Rubi is the ultimate love ,like crush ,kuch bhi kaho She is the most genuine lady in the entire history of bb. Jasmine jaisa immature behaviour to kisi ladki ko nahi chahiye But Rubina jaisa samjhdaar Aur Abhinav jaisi maturity sabko chahiye

    Namo NamahNamo Namah11 तासांपूर्वी
  • She said that, Rubina is opportunist etc etc and apparently that's why she won't fight with Aly. While, in the most recent weekend ka vaar aly was the one who said, he has certain respect for Rubina and that's why he won't say anything against Rubina and not the other way round. Lol. She got eliminated and still has 0 sense of what actually went on in the house.

    Diya MalDiya Mal13 तासांपूर्वी
  • Thie lady is 31 years old she acts cute so fake she is very cunning and only plays sympathy card

    zaa finzaa fin14 तासांपूर्वी
  • You dnt deserve to be rubina's friend.Jasmean.

    Bijita KhatiBijita Khati15 तासांपूर्वी
  • Gettt lost!

    Aaniya GuglaniAaniya Guglani17 तासांपूर्वी
  • She is mastermind and you’re vamp of BB14

    Trisha SadiaTrisha Sadia18 तासांपूर्वी
  • Actually aly goni is mastermind

    Saroj BalaSaroj Bala18 तासांपूर्वी
  • Cheap jasmine

    shruti sunil kumarshruti sunil kumar18 तासांपूर्वी
  • Fake lady...aly strong hai...haha brainless woman..who wants alys support

    shruti sunil kumarshruti sunil kumar18 तासांपूर्वी
  • I don't like jasmine she should not come back fake jasmine

    shruti sunil kumarshruti sunil kumar18 तासांपूर्वी
  • Rubina🏅🏅🎖🏆🏵🏅🎖

    Himalayan sherpa girl sherpaHimalayan sherpa girl sherpa18 तासांपूर्वी
  • You r so wrong about Rubina and mam rubina z so strong then anyone in this house and yes u r so insecure and jealous with her...she z very clear and loyal personality ...

    hira bajwahira bajwa19 तासांपूर्वी
  • actually u don't deserve Rubi's frndship .....jalll kukriiii

    Zarmeen AnnieZarmeen Annie19 तासांपूर्वी
  • 🐍

    Anushka KhedekarAnushka Khedekar20 तासांपूर्वी
  • Rubina ❤️ is very deserving..not Jasmin 💩

    Prachi SharmaPrachi Sharma21 तासापूर्वी
  • I love you jasss ❤️

    Laiba sandhu SandhuLaiba sandhu Sandhu22 तासांपूर्वी
  • You are being opportunistic. Taking every opportunity to call Rubina names. You are voted out for being mean. Instead of owning your mistakes, you kept torturing Rakhi.

    Sakshi VermaSakshi Verma22 तासांपूर्वी
  • Pta nhi konsi awam hai jisay yeh jasmine pasand hai aur unko dukh hua hai eske bahar aane ka...Jamine if u r reading my cmnt listen carefully.... Bht hi batameezi se aur akard se aap baat krne lagi ho....stand lene ka mtlb yeh nhi hota k apnu k khulaaf hoke unki khilafat krte waqt bilkul bhi sharam na aaye....Rubina is greater than aapne apne dostun k sath kiya wo frndship l naam pe bilkul hi kala dhaba hai.......don't make us u r not a gd girl anymore ....i don't like u ...kbhi nhi ....never ever... Bolne ka haq hr kisi ko hai aal yehi reh gayi ho ab after tha but asliyat k bajaye bht hi ghatiya pesonality leke bahar aayi ho ......... u wr cute now u r egoistic girl

    Aania SayyedAania Sayyed23 तासांपूर्वी
  • So fake, very mean person. Now I unfollowed her from her Instagram because I'm no more her fan. She is negative

    Syed Khuzaima GilaniSyed Khuzaima Gilani23 तासांपूर्वी
  • Tu mean hai

    Aravind S kumarAravind S kumar23 तासांपूर्वी
  • She should see all the episodes first. By the way, she is so negative person

    Syed Khuzaima GilaniSyed Khuzaima Gilani23 तासांपूर्वी
  • The hate comments for jasmin are just because she is speaking her heart out!?? Everyone has a different perspective dude! We don't know any one of them personally, may it be jasmin or rubina, we judge on the basis of what we see or honesty speaking what "we are made to see"=TRP stunt. No hate for anyone out here. Just wanted to say that stop this " She hates her...jasmin is jealous of rubina or rubina is having Superiority complex and stuff" In the comments. Jasmin is not spreading negativity, she didn't even once say that she doesn't like certain person... I think she is very professional if we see the situation from her point of view. Well just my opinion... Other views are welcome!

    Ashi SharmaAshi Sharmaदिवसापूर्वी
  • Ye jalti he Rubi se pahele pasand thi jashmin par ab no

    Sadhana YadavSadhana Yadavदिवसापूर्वी
  • Worst contestant ever in BB history

    purva desaipurva desaiदिवसापूर्वी
  • Ali is the fakest lol and she’s talking about rahul she used to hate him so much ahah str8 fake ass

    Diablo 55Diablo 55दिवसापूर्वी
  • Rubina is pure by heart and Jasmin is jaesous and mean by Heart

    Srishty PriyaSrishty Priyaदिवसापूर्वी
  • She is vamp of BB14. She is Poisonous friend which you dont need in your life.😑😑

    Kamala PokhrelKamala Pokhrelदिवसापूर्वी
  • Jasmine is a cunning person n sick mentality.She bullied people in the house.

    HBF Life #Healthy Beautiful Fit LivingHBF Life #Healthy Beautiful Fit Livingदिवसापूर्वी
  • Jasmean bhaisheen

    Ravi ShankarRavi Shankarदिवसापूर्वी
  • She deserve the title of most frustrated person on the universe. Bekar ...😡😡😡

    harpreet Virkharpreet Virkदिवसापूर्वी
  • Hate u jasmean🤢🤮

    Kabak KadarKabak Kadarदिवसापूर्वी
  • jealous women

    Mariam RonyMariam Ronyदिवसापूर्वी
  • fake fake fake, her childish behaviour is so irritating

    S NS Nदिवसापूर्वी
  • yes finally this crying baby is out, her alyconda should be out too. I hate Jas Mean

    S NS Nदिवसापूर्वी
  • Waste of time to see you

    Sudarshan DarshanSudarshan Darshanदिवसापूर्वी
  • Abe ye to sidha bdi hogyi bacchi chor ayi bigg boss m..fake

    Riya ChonkerRiya Chonkerदिवसापूर्वी
  • There is no task where Ali supported Rubina . Rubina never needed Ali's support.

    Sin RoseSin Roseदिवसापूर्वी
  • Jasmin is totally right in understanding people.its proved in the house.

    Preeti SPreeti Sदिवसापूर्वी
  • Jasmin❤

    Preeti SPreeti Sदिवसापूर्वी
  • Fake girl achaa h bhar...she isn't celeb....I love rubina❤

  • Again she is trying to draw her personality like baby

    Cricket WorldCricket Worldदिवसापूर्वी
  • Fake.no1

    Cricket WorldCricket Worldदिवसापूर्वी
  • She is calling Vikas as a cry baby ! I think someone needs to show her all the episodes so she can get to know who was the real cry baby Salman sir said it right her face and her personality are two different things thank goodness she is out of the house

    sumaiya talukdersumaiya talukderदिवसापूर्वी
  • the real nagin jasmean bhasin.........she is so insecure and jealous from rubina

    Shubham SharmaShubham Sharmaदिवसापूर्वी
  • Tum jehrili ho

    Jayant tiwariJayant tiwariदिवसापूर्वी
  • Apka Dil itna Kala Hai, agar ap dil mein kuch nahin rakta toh acha bat karta

    jeeta Dongrajeeta Dongraदिवसापूर्वी
  • Jasmin apko saram Karna chahiye ap jab eviction ohra ta toh Rubina se ye kyun kaha (please Rubi na ap Ali ka khayal rakhna ek gante b nahin tu bol gya) husise ap malum chalta Hai ap Kitna karab hai bahar ake bhi balraiii it's b very wrong

    jeeta Dongrajeeta Dongraदिवसापूर्वी
  • Rubina always been good to Jasmin and I though since jasmin is out she will know who is good and who is bad...but ...

    Balpreett RandhawaBalpreett Randhawaदिवसापूर्वी
  • Stupid girl

    sanzida Ahamedsanzida Ahamedदिवसापूर्वी
  • Nautanki

    Usmita AdhikariUsmita Adhikariदिवसापूर्वी
  • People forgot that rubina is much great actor than Jasmin 😂all are acting aces...jasmine acknowledges that she is deserving and being called mastermind, there's nothing wrong in it and opportunist! Well who doesn't want their share of glimpse. Jasmine was package Cute, funny, negative you got to see every phase of her Many are still acting!!!

    sairaj shettysairaj shettyदिवसापूर्वी
  • Rubinaaaaa 😍😘😘

    RemiX SongS PrORemiX SongS PrOदिवसापूर्वी
  • Jealousness at its highest😑😑😑

    Varsha BhaumikVarsha Bhaumikदिवसापूर्वी
  • Terijaisiko Kon friend banana chahata hoga nagin

    Narayani rautNarayani rautदिवसापूर्वी
  • Naginhai jasmin cudeil kahiki batman jasmin.i 💘 rubina

    Narayani rautNarayani rautदिवसापूर्वी
  • I cried a lot when u gt eliminated, but now i am sorry i was wrong

    SUPERLATIVE Saileyee vlogsSUPERLATIVE Saileyee vlogsदिवसापूर्वी
  • Jasmine has misunderstood Rubinaa sooo much!!!! I hope things get sorted. Rubina is such a sweet soul and jasmine and she shared a lovely friendship...Plz God i dont want this to end like this..

    Saloni KocharSaloni Kocharदिवसापूर्वी
  • Such a negative personality , bigger oppurtunist herself

    Savneet Joshi Canadian vlogsSavneet Joshi Canadian vlogsदिवसापूर्वी
  • I am happy now she is gone ruby never talk like this abt her and moreover she did not even took Abhinav name reason all know, she is so negative I can’t express . I am sure aly will realize this soon.

    Savneet Joshi Canadian vlogsSavneet Joshi Canadian vlogsदिवसापूर्वी
  • Ye sirf rubina se supper wali jealous he.....warna jo rahul ne iske sath kiya to is hisab se ise usse eijaz se nafrat karni chahiye.

    aarti artistaarti artistदिवसापूर्वी
  • Meanest and most jealous undeserving personality in the entire history of big boss

  • Ye nagin to hain dasle gee

    Sahil RajaSahil Rajaदिवसापूर्वी
  • Always jealous with Rubi Nagin 🐍

    Nigga YoNigga Yoदिवसापूर्वी
  • U had to be in the top but since ur real face came out ur losing fans and tbh ur clever so cunning and pretend to be nice innocent baccha thought ur already matured. I hate the way u talk.

    Rose BaruaRose Baruaदिवसापूर्वी
  • Rubina is real not fake

    Kaxa DesaiKaxa Desaiदिवसापूर्वी
  • In big boss she looks v vv nagative

    Kaxa DesaiKaxa Desaiदिवसापूर्वी
  • Gosh! Jasmin u still after Rubina And on contrary Rubina is taking care of ur Ali inside house .Ali is nt fake that is ur opinion n Rubina is so far nt fake which public can see .U wer also very gud till Ali had nt arrived bt after Ali came u luked more or less negative Its simple which we saw a pretty girl Jasmine changed into disastrous Jasmin,U should accept ths fact .By bitching still abt Rubina u r spoiling ur image Baby .

    geeta gautamgeeta gautamदिवसापूर्वी
  • 🐍🐍🐍🤮

    shuly akter nigarshuly akter nigarदिवसापूर्वी
  • You are now looking so stupid jasmine.. I always wonder how come Abhinav is there and you r evicted..but ohh yess I have all the answers...

  • Kitni cheap , jealous and insecure hai.. isko bilkul bhi sharm nahi hai.

    Shalini VermaShalini Verma2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • 👍👍

    akash dasakash das2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • Eijaz aur rahul ke saath bada bada jhagra bhool gayi nagiin aur sirf rubina ki naam par chitte padrahi hai...

    Nasira choudhuryNasira choudhury2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • Jasmean is first one to tell Rubina rude fake super complexity a lot more. When Rubina return back then she couldn't take it. Her face express change cute to negative. Jasmine always thinks that she is right and Rubina wrong. See who is mature and immature. I feel Rubina will never say bad abt jasmean for interview.

    Namgay WangdiNamgay Wangdi2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • Dumb jasmin👎👎👎

    Vinay PratapVinay Pratap2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • Tere dil mein sitf Nafrat hi hai rubina ke liye. You are the most negative person. Face se innocent but heart and mind is fully negative and evil

    valentina boscovalentina bosco2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • She is so jealous of Rubina . It's so obvious

    Queen RiaQueen Ria2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • Jasmine Ravina se Jalti hai na ISI se Rubina ke bare mein kharab kharab Baat bol rahi hai

    Laxmi SrivastavaLaxmi Srivastava2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • Rubina best ho

    Laxmi SrivastavaLaxmi Srivastava2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • Jasmin is so jealous of rubina and ejash

    cavin limbucavin limbu2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • She was such a mean aurat

    cavin limbucavin limbu2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • We want jasmin

    Amandeep SinghAmandeep Singh2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • Superiority complex se vari jasmin nagin chi ghatiya larki

    Munmun SarkarMunmun Sarkar2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • Jesa uo Rubina k bolti he yo bilkul khud yesa he . bigboos ki ghar me sabse gandi larki

    Munmun SarkarMunmun Sarkar2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • Kitna drame baaj hey ye narrrow minded person big boss main aake aapni aasli roop dikhadi

    Bhawana ThunguchaBhawana Thungucha2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • Jasmin is such a mean girl yar kuch b bolti hai

    Bhat ArbeenaBhat Arbeena2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • Show mein bolti thi that rubina to kuch karti nahi h to uske itne fans kyu h🙄 Madam agar wo kuch krti nahi h to wo opportunistic, clever n mastermind kese hogyi ab. Sbse zyada fakeness aur double standards to aapne dikhaye h😑😑

    Aditi ThakurAditi Thakur2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • 7:01

    Aysel NurAysel Nur2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • 7:07

    Aysel NurAysel Nur2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • Naagie i hate yo this glri yaak negative all Time

    Swastika ShresthaSwastika Shrestha2 दिवसांपूर्वी
  • Jasmin ❤️😘

    Samruddhi BhandariSamruddhi Bhandari2 दिवसांपूर्वी