27 BEST TRICKS || Secrets Of Best Magic Tricks And Funny Hacks by 5-Minute Crafts

13 फेबृवारी, 2021
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Funny ideas and Tricks that will blow your friends’ minds. Are you guys ready to have some fun? In this video, we show you some fantastic magic tricks you can try that will amaze your friends and family. We also reveal how some magicians perform their stunts and how they make it look like they’re real. For example, the sword swallowing is actually a foldable sword that can get as tiny as 1 inch. Have you also seen one of those brilliant trick shots people capture on camera? Where they stand 10 feet away from a cup, and they manage to throw in their toothbrush or a straw? Well, those are actually fake. The person filming the stunt holds another duplicate object on top of the container and drops it in at the right time to make it look believable. Watch the entire video to discover some cool hacks with magnets and other magic tricks you can try at home.
0:58 - The magic glasses
1:28 - Can you make popcorn in a wine glass?
2:01 - The magic paper bag
3:23 - A cool trick with magnets
6:53 - The shaving foam trick
7:46 - Marshmallow Oreos
9:16 - The magic fork
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